Walkers Are Welcome

Leominster Walkers Are Welcome

Walkers Are Welcome is a nationwide initiative launched in 2007 to be ‘welcoming to walkers’ in various towns across the UK. Leominster joined in 2013. The local economy benefits as walkers, visitors and residents, will use local cafes, pubs, hotels and other businesses.

The Walkers Are Welcome Website is a fantastic source for all the news, events and information.

Leominster Walkers Are Welcome (WaW) is a team of volunteers representing different local walking and interest groups which seeks to promote walking in the local vicinity to residents and visitors, and to help look after our local footpaths.

Leominster WaW devises and leads walks around Leominster often linking them to local events and festivals, for example St Edfrith’s walk, tree week, and local heritage walks.

They encourage walkers to benefit from the open air, the natural environment and to learn something about local history and culture. We want to encourage families, children and young people, and those who are less able by improving access to our footpaths, though replacing stiles with gates and providing better surfaces where possible. We would like to engage with young people and to train and support those who are interested in becoming walks leaders. WaW Leominster is now relaunching after 2 years of little activity due to Covid restrictions, and we welcome any groups or individuals who would like to join us and support our objectives.

Keep up to date with all the latest news and events from the Leominster Walkers are Welcome group on their Facebook page.

Waw Leaflets

New Leaflets!

We’ve got some wonderful new leaflets, featuring 3 family walks in Leominster- including ‘Aida’s Accessible Amble’ which was created by wheelchair user Aida Kiledjian, in conjunction with local charity ECHO.


Eaton Hill Walk

A 2 mile walk, including 5 stiles and 3 gates, with steps just before the railway line crossing.


Old Railway and Kenwater Wood

A short walk between the towns two channels of the River Lugg, 2 miles in total and includes no hills or stiles.


Aida’s Accessible Amble

A 1 mile flat walk with no stiles, taking you through Leominster town centre.


Alternatively, hard copies of these leaflets, as well as many others, can be picked up from Leominster Information Centre.

Contacts and Links

Leominster Town Council Footpaths Officer

Email: footpaths@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk